How does GW increase endurance?

Summary The benefits of endurance exercise on general health make it desirable to identify orally active agents that would mimic or potentiate the effects of exercise to treat metabolic diseases. Although certain natural compounds, such as resveratrol, have endurance-enhancing activities, their exact metabolic targets remain elusive. We therefore tested the effect of pathway-specific drugs onContinue reading “How does GW increase endurance?”

Obesity and Pharmacologic Control of the Body Clock

Knowledge of the mechanisms that govern mammalian circadian rhythm permits the molecular manipulation of these mechanisms. A recent study showed that pharmacologic intervention results in an increase in metabolism and subsequent weight loss in overfed, obese mice. Circadian rhythms Our physiological processes and our behaviors are generally organized on a cycle of about 24 hours.Continue reading “Obesity and Pharmacologic Control of the Body Clock”

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